Last Friday, her Majesty's Revenue and Customs issued brief 18/12 in an attempt to clarify its earlier brief on the landfill tax rate for inert waste which caused turmoil and outcry in the waste and recycling industry.

The latest brief states that trommel fines, grit and screenings still qualify for the reduced £2.50 per tonne landfill tax rate providing they only contain materials listed in the Landfill Tax Materials Qualifying Order 2011 and this can be demonstrated.

Disposing of inert waste that is not demonstrably free of plastics, metals, asbestos, plasterboard and other contamination will be subject to the higher rate of landfill tax of £64 per tonne as outlined in HMRC brief 15/12.

Landfill operators, recycling centres and skip companies are expected to review their prices again in the light of this new brief but the full outcome of the HMRCs announcements is still unknown. Further updates will be provided. In the meantime, more information can be found in the HMRC brief 18/12 and the Landfill Tax Materials Qualifying Order 2011 as well as on Lets Recycle.

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