• Have you completed your consignment note correctly?

• Are your drivers ADR qualified for class 9?

• Have you double bagged your asbestos?

Waste legislation is complicated especially when it's not your day job. How can you be sure you are compliant when removing and disposing of asbestos?

At Windsor Waste Management, all our operations are fully compliant which is why we have a saying that "Anyone can take waste off your hands but Windsor Waste Management will take it off your mind". Visit our asbestos transfer stations in London and Essex and know that your asbestos waste is being dealt with and disposed of in line with legislation and best practice.

We can also help you ensure that your business is compliant. To help our clients understand their responsibilities, we have used our extensive experience to develop a simple toolbox talk. We will explain to your staff about the practical implications of waste legislation that are critical to your business. We will explain how to complete a consignment note correctly, how asbestos waste needs to be stored and other guidance to ensure that your business is fully compliant.

If you are unsure whether you are compliant, give us a call on 01708 55 99 66.

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