On 1st April 2012, the annual landfill tax increase of £8 takes it to £64 per tonne. 
If your business generates 500 tonnes of waste a year, that’s at least another £4,000 a year on your waste management costs. 

I’m sure, given the choice this is money you would rather spend elsewhere. 

With the wastes we deal with, we can’t promise you that you won’t pay landfill tax.  But at Windsor Waste Management, we will identify the most environmentally compliant and cost effective disposal for all materials.  We aim to recycle and recover wherever possible whilst ensuring your waste is dealt with in line with legislation and best practice. Which is why we have a saying here:

“Anyone can take waste off your hands, but Windsor Waste Management will take it off your mind”.

If you think you are paying too much landfill tax then give our experienced, friendly team a call on 01708 559966. 
For more information about landfill tax increases, visit Business Link

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