Last Thursday 13th August the Embassy of the Russian Federation visited Windsor Waste Management (WWM) to present Wayne Londors, Transport Manager with Russia’s Ushakov Medal which he collected on behalf of his father-in-law Robert Ellis.


Robert Ellis who is now 90 years old served in the Royal Navy on aircraft carrier HMS Furious and was part of the team sent to the sink the Bismarck at all costs.

In June 2013 an agreement was reached that the British veterans of the Artic Convoys would be granted HM Government’s permission to be awarded Russia’s Ushakov Medal.

In the speech of the Russian Ambassador, A. Yakovenko said:  “It is a huge privilege for me to thank you on behalf of the Russian Government for the invaluable contribution you and your comrades-in-arms made to the defeat of the Nazi Germany.  What you did 70 years ago, taking part in what Sir Winston Churchill rightly called the worst journey in the world, was extraordinary even among what is considered to be the call of duty”.

Wayne said on receiving the medal on behalf of his father-in-law:  “I felt very proud when receiving this medal on Roberts’s behalf and when presenting him with the medal, which was a very happy and emotional moment for him. I feel we wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the effort made and bravery shown by these veterans many years ago. Listening to some of Robert’s stories made me want to obtain this medal for him in honour of his efforts during the war and also for just being here helping and guiding me over the years.

It was also great to welcome the Russian Embassy to Windsor Waste Management, certainly not something that happens every day.”

If you are interested in finding out more about the awarding of Ushakov Medal to the Artic Convoy veterans visit the Russian Embassy’s website.


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