The Environmental Services Association Education Trust (ESAET) is calling on government to work with the waste industry to tackle waste crime with a recent report into the problem.

According to the report published last month, waste crime accounts for over £300 million annually in the UK and ranges from small scale fly tipping to seemingly legitimate waste operators miscategorising waste to avoid paying taxes. 

ESAET states that the reasons for waste crime are purely economic – high rewards and low penalties.  It has a serious environmental impact, takes business away from the legitimate permitted sites and leaves the taxpayer footing majority of the bill. 

ESA has made a number of recommendations to tackle the issue.  These include:  increasing and protecting enforcement budgets and tackling tax evasion by introducing a testing system to ensure that waste is classified correctly.

Tony Windsor, Managing Director, Windsor Integrated Services Group, says :  “Waste crime is a serious problem and we fully support the ESA and their recommendations to tackle it.   Proper law enforcement and regulation of the industry will lead to improved environmental and financial outcomes for not only the waste management industry, but also the wider public.”

To read the report in full please click here.

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