The Commercial Director of WWM’s sister company discusses the pros and cons of commingled recycling in this week’s edition of FM world.

With ever increasing environmental awareness, focus on corporate responsibility and need to manage waste as effectively as possible, the article outlines the benefits and risks associated with adopting a commingled approach to recycling.    Whilst commingled provides a flexible, easy to use system, where less space is required due to a reduced number of bins, there are risks to consider.  Mixed recycling tends to reduce the quality of the materials, can lead to loss of revenue and create difficulties in accurate reporting.

Commercial Director, Alex Mirkovic explores both sides of the ongoing debate between commingled and single source recycling to aid the right waste management decision for individual businesses.  Alex’ article also looks at last year’s judicial review and next year’s obligations under the revised European Union Waste Framework Directive.

To read Alex’s article, visit pages 34 and 35 of the latest issue of FM World

Windsor Waste Management's sister company, Waste Cost Reduction Services (WCRS) provides recycling and waste management services to businesses across the UK.

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