Windsor Waste Management’s Managing Director, Tony Windsor, headed to Seattle recently to secure the global deal with ARI Technologies Inc. to bring a thermochemical treatment process for destroying asbestos to the UK and worldwide.  

The three day visit included meetings with the CEO Jerry Hermanson and the President Dale Timmons of the American environmental technology company to complete the purchase of the UK and global licences for the technology. 

The patented technology was developed by American company, ARI Technologies Inc., and is nationally permitted by the US Environmental Protection Agency.  It destroys asbestos fibres through a thermal and chemical process, producing an energy-saving, inert, non-toxic, product that can be recycled in many construction applications.

Windsor Waste Management announced the exclusive deal with ARI Technologies Inc in April.  Since then, the company has been in consultation with the asbestos removal industry, interested investors and potential end customers securing overwhelming support for the process in the UK.  A site in South East England has been identified for a new treatment plant which will have the capability to process in excess of 15,000 tonnes of asbestos waste a year, a feedstock that WWM has readily available from its existing client base.  

Tony Windsor, Managing Director, Windsor Waste Management says: “We had a very interesting and fruitful visit to Seattle.  Windsor Waste Management is committed to this revolutionary technology, making a commercial plant a reality in the UK in the very near future.”

Jeff Letch, General Manager, Windsor Waste Management says: “With sustainability rising up the global agenda and hundreds of thousands of tonnes of asbestos material still in situ, now is the right time for this technology to thrive.”

ARI Meeting LR

Pictured from left to right is: Jim McDonald - CFO, ARI Technologies Inc, Dale Timmons - President, ARI Technologies Inc, Jerry Hermanson, CEO, ARI Technologies Inc, Tony Windsor, Managing Director, Windsor Waste Management


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