Windsor Waste Management will be launching the innovative Hazibag in the UK in the New Year and this could change the way the industry contains and transports asbestos as well as other solid hazardous waste streams.

The Hazibag is UN approved for the safe containment and transportation of Packing Group II and III hazardous waste materials. The durable bag is made out of Polypropylene and has a zipped top. It is used with a 200 micron liner insert and comes in various sizes to suit different materials and types of job.

The Hazibag has many benefits including reduced transport costs, storage space and environmental impact associated with the collection and transportation of hazardous waste.

In line with the launch, Windsor Waste Management will be expanding its collection service around the Hazibag so that the company can continue to provide a full 'cradle to grave' waste management service for all hazardous waste streams.

Tony Windsor, Managing Director, Windsor Waste Management says: "We are very pleased to own the exclusive licence for Hazibag in the UK and look forward to launching this revolutionary product early next year".

Jeff Letch, General Manager, Windsor Waste Management says: "We are very excited about what we can offer asbestos removal companies with the Hazibag. We have already had a lot of interest and see huge potential for this product which provides a flexible and effective alternative to more traditional containment methods."

The Hazibag is currently used in Australia and will be launched in the UK in January. For more information, call 01708 55 99 66.

New way to contain and transport hazardous waste

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