Our client was a leading UK power generator with over 200 sites nationwide. In view of increasingly demanding waste regulations, a corporate waste management review resulted in the agreed introduction and implement of a tighter waste policy. It had been proven that the correct pre-treatment of waste streams at source can reduce costs in the longer term, amounting to sizable returns and profits, where previously landfill and the spiralling costs associated with this route, being the only option.

To better facilitate correct bin designation and take into account a multi lingual workforce, delivery of a suitable signage format was investigated for use in a multitude of differing environments and sites. The new programme was initially implement on a few sites and then rolled out nationwide.

Service delivered

In partnership with EDF Energy, we developed a range of signs covering all waste streams using differing substrates depending on the fixing surface requirement. Magnetic signs were used for ferrous surfaces such as skips and a ferrous mount option for use in other areas. A PVC sign, with a variety of fixing options, was required for mounting within a mobile and free standing “A” frame. Lastly, single use self-adhesive signs were needed for shrink wrapped palletised waste streams and other single use applications where a clear indication of the waste was essential.

Results achieved

Windsor Waste Management adapted a suitable range of signage to meet this broad requirement working closely with the Health & Safety Manager to ensure a smooth rollout. The resultant introduction has been a real success, meeting their corporate social responsibilities and contributing towards their stated climate commitment targets. Since introduction, the company is pleased with how the signs have stood up to tough handling and how the illustration of the designated waste has helped to ensure waste is deposited correctly.

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