During summer 2015 Windsor Waste Management (WWM) worked with Kier Construction to remove approximately 1,650 tonnes of material from Woodbridge High School in preparation for a multi-million pound development project being undertaken by Kier.

With the school undergoing extensive building works and expansion over the next year, whilst continuing to provide education to the pupils, it was essential that we worked within the project deadline and closely with site staff to minimise any disruption to daily school life.

Services delivered

The first stage of the process was to undertake a full suite contamination test accredited to UKAS (United Kingdom Accredited Surveyor) to identify the hazardous components within the materials being removed.

Once the hazardous nature of the materials had been identified, we worked with the client to implement a removal plan using a specialised contractor which was fully managed by WWM. 

The works started during the school’s summer break and, operating to a tight time schedule, the lion’s share of the excavation material was removed over a two month period.

Results achieved

Over 850 tonnes of contaminated soil was removed from the site and taken to an appropriate and licensed hazardous waste disposal facility.  We also collected and transferred approximately 800 tonnes of concrete to a recycling facility for onward processing and use back in the construction industry.

The whole operation was carried out smoothly, from the initial testing of the material to collection and final treatment.  All duty of care obligations were carried out thoroughly providing Kier with peace of mind that the waste audit trail would stand up to scrutiny.

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