As the result of an initial site survey, our customer encountered contaminated soil on a brownfield site earmarked for regeneration. Due to the size of the site, a complete and comprehensive soil sampling survey was recommended as the most cost effective way forward. The resultant laboratory analysis pinpointed pockets of contamination of either a chemical or asbestos nature across the site.

Service delivered

Using the UKAS (United Kingdom Accredited Surveyor) Report as our primary reference, precise positioning of the 20,000 tonnes of contaminated soil could be identified and readied for removal. Conferring with our customer, the most cost and time efficient removal plan was agreed and removal operations commenced using contracted in heavy plant and machinery. Managed site monitoring for the duration of the works was carried out by a UKAS Analyst to ensure a “clean” operation.

Results achieved

All works were completed within budget and on time. The background monitoring proved the total operation was “clean” and the site was returned to the owner clear of contaminates, ready to proceed to the build phase. Proven to deliver on our promises, we provided our customer with total complete peace of mind in the confidence all legal obligations had been met demonstrating a duty of care. Using our online administration system, this customer was able to track the waste process from point to point, view print and email disposal tickets as proof to their corporate responsibility.

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