Faye Windsor

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I have worked for Windsor Waste Management since 2002 and am employed as the Senior Projects Manager.  For those of you that think I’m married to Tony Windsor, you couldn’t be more wrong – he’s my brother and I actually have far better taste in men (debatable, I hear my colleagues say!).  My role is a diverse one and covers a little bit of everything each day.  It certainly keeps me busy and unfortunately does not allow much time for making tea…
I have worked in the waste management industry my whole life and over the years, have gained experience in Accounts, Sales and Transport - I have even spent time as a Driver’s Mate!
Outside of work, apart from eating and consuming alcohol, my other main interests are boxing and horse riding.  I compete at local level but have yet to find the time and money (rich man) to buy my own horse.  I’ve also worked as a Door Supervisor for the past 18 years and trained as a Bodyguard.  My surveillance and unarmed combat skills come in very useful when chasing people for money!

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